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Innovative metrology and characterization are becoming critical for development of nano/micro circuit technology and clean technology cluster. The progressive introduction of new materials, novel processing and assembly, and innovative devices  bring forth formidable metrology and diagnostic challenges in recent years due to rapid consumerization of silicon by the new generation. Advanced characterization has thus become a key enabler in improving nano-scale process technology as well as solar cell / LED manufacturing. A-IATS, as your first port of call addresses your analytical and test challenges on continual basis with its physical assets and intellectual capital arising from research labs and regional manufacturers. AIATS enables you to link composition, structure, morphology, roughness, adhesion and hardness with defect reduction, yield improvement and optimum performance enhancement for variation management.
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A new symposium on microsolder joint of advanced electronic package conference is being planned at Utown, NUS, Singapore on 8-11 December 2015. All are invited. Please refer to this website for more details soon.
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